What Happened to the “Fast” in Fast Food?

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What Happened to the “Fast” in Fast Food?

I am old enough to remember when McDonald’s restaurants were scarce. Where I grew up in Central Connecticut, I could recall only one McDonald’s franchise located just 10 miles away from our home. My Father took us there about twice a year, and when he did, I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. McDonald’s hamburgers were the finest thing I have ever tasted. Eating one today brings back those memories of the spiritual bliss I experienced in the back seat of my Father’s turquoise, wood-paneled Mercury station wagon. And those fries and shakes? I digress…

I am still a fan of McDonald’s. However, after over three decades of a career in Lean management, I view them, like many things, differently. Looking at a McDonald’s operation through a Lean lens is quite different than through the eyes of a child. This podcast is not intended to disparage McDonald’s in any way. They are still one of the most successful franchises in American history, and I am still a loyal customer. One can apply this message I am about to convey to many other fast-food restaurants or perhaps your own business. I am using McDonald’s as my guinea pig, so to speak, because of my familiarity and affection for the Golden Arches.

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