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Tune in as Mark DeLuzio, pioneer of the modern Lean movement answers all of your pressing Lean questions.

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Chairs – To Sit or Not to Sit

Learn why chairs in a cell are detrimental to a good Lean cell design. Mark DeLuzio discusses the negative consequences of chairs from an SQDC perspective. (Safety-Quality-Delivery-Cost)

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Problem Solving VII – The Problem with Problem Escalation

Learn why problem escalation processes send signals to frontline associates that they are not qualified to solve problems over work that they are best suited to solve. This elitist approach demoralizes and demotivates employees when their engagement opportunities are stripped away from leaders who do not walk the talk when they preach that problems need to be solved at the lowest possible level in the organization.

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Hide Oba – Lean TPS Basics and lessons from his Father, Hajime Oba

Hida Oba discusses the importance of Standard Work and why all other aspects of Lean are connected to this very important, however, neglected component of the Toyota Production System. Hide also discusses how his famed father, Hajime Oba, facilitated the teachings of TPS Basics in his own unique way.

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Hajime Oba – His life and His Journey – Radiating The Toyota Production System Throughout the Globe

Hajime Oba had a storied career with Toyota, culminating as the CEO of the famed Toyota Supplier Support Center (TSSC) in Georgetown, KY. In this rare interview with his son, Hide Oba talks of the lessons learned from his father’s unique view which he perfected in the implementation of the Toyota Production System.

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Whatever Happened to Kaizen?

More and more companies today are on the Lean bandwagon. There are plenty of Gemba Boards, fancy posters, Lean polo shirts, and don’t forget the yellow tape. But when asked about their Kaizen activity, the response is lethargic, at best. Learn how a rigorous and disciplined Kaizen approach is essential to any Lean transformation.

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3P and Moonshine with Jon Boucher

The Production Preparation Process (3P) was invented by Chihiro Nakao, who is known as the Father of Moonshine (FOM). Nakao, one of the original disciples of Taiichi Ohno, (Father of the Toyota Production System) taught us at Danaher and GE how to develop processes that will drive your company to industry-wide competitive advantage. Learn from Jon Boucher, a star pupil and disciple of Nakao, how 3P and Moonshine are that part of Lean that few will ever learn, and why your company should adopt this practice.

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Basic Lean Humor – GAN AWAY

All good humor has some truth to it. Please see Mark’s parody on how to get rid of GAN (Japanese for Cancer) from your organization with our new product GAN-AWAY! Just one spray and GAN is removed forever! GAN comes in many forms, including new consulting inventions that pull your attention away from the basics of Lean. Therefore, the title, “Basic” Lean Humor. Enjoy!

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Lean Administrative Processes with Joe Rutz

Joe Rutz, Managing Director of Lean Horizons Consulting, was instrumental in the development of the Danaher Business System (DBS). Joe brought his experience in information technologies and administration to bring DBS to the next level. Learn from Joe his principles and guidelines as to when to apply information technology to an administrative process and when to not! Better yet, learn that IT solutions need to work for you, rather than the other way around!

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Mark DeLuzio principal architect of the Danaher Business System

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