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Tune in as Mark DeLuzio, pioneer of the modern Lean movement answers all of your pressing Lean questions.

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My View on 3rd Party Awards and Certifications

An industry has been created where self-anointed, higher-power “Lean” organizations have convinced companies that their mark of approval is a necessary credential for Lean success. In our opinion, these organizations are shams whose real intent is to generate profits from consulting services, conferences, and publications. Learn why we feel the only mark of approval that matters is from your key stakeholders: Employees, Customers, and Shareholders.

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Problem Solving VI: Trust But Verify – Challenge the Status Quo

How many times have you attempted to solve a problem and were told you “CAN’T” do something, because of customer requirements, specifications, government regulations, supplier guidelines, industry standards, etc.? The list goes on and on. In this episode, learn that these so-called regulations need to be challenged and many times, are no longer in effect. Your problem-solving efforts will be substandard if you do not challenge the status quo. As Ronald Reagan once said, “Trust but verify!”

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Problem Solving V: Types of Problems

Problems can be categorized into three main types. It is helpful to understand whether you have a Type 0, Type 1, or Type 2 problem, since different courses of action may be required for each. Learn the three types of problems and why it is useful to understand the nature of the problem you are trying to solve, before embarking on your problem-solving journey.

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Problem Solving IV: Leading and Lagging Indicators

Most businesses today focus on lagging indicators, while important, are not conducive to proper problem-solving. Learn the difference between leading and lagging indicators and why it is essential to identify and improve the leading indicators if true improvement is to occur.

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Problem Solving III: How to Define a Problem

Poor problem-solving usually begins with a poorly defined problem. When this happens there are usually many solutions looking for a problem. Listen to Mark DeLuzio describe the basics of creating a meaningful problem statement as well as the pitfalls surrounding problem definition.

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Mark DeLuzio principal architect of the Danaher Business System

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Mark DeLuzio—known as a pioneer of Lean and the principal architect of the Danaher Business System—serves as a trusted advisor to senior leaders in global manufacturing organizations whose financial and operations metrics have flatlined. Leveraging his unmatched and inventive experience, Mark helps them think differently about how to optimize their approach system-wide.