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Tune in as Mark DeLuzio, pioneer of the modern Lean movement answers all of your pressing Lean questions.

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Accounting For Lean

This episode discusses the concept of accounting for lean, which is the modification of accounting processes and internal management reporting to better promote lean behaviors.

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Lean Accounting

Lean accounting is the application of lean concepts and methodologies to drive waste out of the accounting process, just like any other process. Accounting for Lean is modifying the accounting process and internal management reporting to promote lean behaviors and provide more timely, accurate, and customer-focused information. The benefits of lean accounting include eliminating waste,…

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My Brief Encounter With Greatness

Mark DeLuzio discusses his encounter with Dr. Joseph M. Juran.

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What Happened to the “Fast” in Fast Food?

I am old enough to remember when McDonald’s restaurants were scarce. Where I grew up in Central Connecticut, I could recall only one McDonald’s franchise located just 10 miles away from our home. My Father took us there about twice a year, and when he did, I felt as if I had died and gone…

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Analyzing Capital Expenditures from a Lean Perspective

Capital Equipment Expenditures need to be vetted through more than a financial lens. In this podcast, Mark DeLuzio looks at CapEx from a Lean perspective and tells you how to avoid the pitfalls in making the wrong purchase decisions.

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Mark DeLuzio principal architect of the Danaher Business System

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 Mark DeLuzio


Mark DeLuzio—known as a pioneer of Lean and the principal architect of the Danaher Business System—serves as a trusted advisor to senior leaders in global manufacturing organizations whose financial and operations metrics have flatlined. Leveraging his unmatched and inventive experience, Mark helps them think differently about how to optimize their approach system-wide.